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The music is what matters most...

Winans phase 2's debut CD "We got next" is Da bom .There first single was "It's alright (send me)". Here is a list of there other tracks:

We Got Next
Myrrh Records ,1999

Track List:
1.Come on Over

2. I'ts Alright (send me)

3.Just for a Day

4.Real Love

5.Let him In

6.Too much Heaven

7.I'm a Winans Too

8.Everday Away

9.Who do you Love

10.Always for you

11.Thank you Lord

It's Alright send me was written by Darkchild(Brandy,Jennifer Lopez),and "Just for a Day" was written by Babyface."I'm a Winans Too" is a rap performed by all four of the members."Too much Heaven' is a remake of the BeeGees old song.

you can buy this cd and other great cds at